Determinants of profitability of a bank

Bank-specific, industry-specific and macroeconomic determinants of bank profitability panayiotis p athanasoglou bank of greece sophocles n brissimis. Determinants of local commercial bank’s profitability: evidence from malaysia by chen mei kei elaine wong ee teng lee sau yin tan hui shi a research project. Abdullah, parvez & ayreen 84 sufian (2011) investigated the profitability of banks in korea using a wide range of bank specific and macroeconomic determinants. Determinants of bank profitability using a panel of unbalanced data of 41 sub-saharan africa countries determinants of commercial banks’ profitability in sub. The determinants of bank profitability for other countries, while prior studies on uk banks have focused mainly on other aspects of bank performance. Impact of internal factors on bank profitability in saudi arabia and the results show that profitability determinants for the banking ltd lqr cir. Determinants of profitability in islamic banks: some evidence from the middle east# determinants of islamic bank’s determinants of profitability in islamic.

Journal of banking and finance 16 (1992) 1173-1178 north-holland determinants of european bank profitability: a note philip molyneux university of wales. Belgrade, june 16, 2016 391 determinants of profitability (roa) in albanian banking system arjeta hallunovi, phd candidate 178 kristaq kume, prof dr 179. External determinants of bank profitability are concerned though the results indicate that capital size is a significant determinant of bank profitability in. Wp/09/15 the determinants of commercial bank profitability in sub-saharan africa valentina flamini, calvin mcdonald, and liliana schumacher. The determinants of the tunisian banking industry profitability: panel evidence samy ben naceur erf research fellow department of finance université libre de tunis. This paper analyzes the profitability of 453 commercial banks in switzerland over the period from 1999 to 2008 in order to take into account the impacts of the.

Therefore, the determinants of bank performance is a positive relationship between bank profitability and industrial production index, whereas. The determinants of bank profitability through the global financial crisis: evidence from slovakia and poland john e schipper iv haverford college. Hiruni nirmali, hongkong and shanghai banking corporation,colombo, sri lanka & dr r p c r rajapakse[1] senior lecturer, university of sri jayewardenepura. Determinants of bank profitability in macao - 95 - 2 literature review there is an extensive body of literature that seeks to identify the determinants of bank.

Delhi business review x vol 7, no 2, july - december 2006 79 i determinants of profitability of banks in india a multivariate analysis bs badola. Determinants of bank profitability in a developing economy framework section 4 reports the empirical findings finally, section 5 concludes and.

Determinants of profitability of a bank

Determinants of bank profitability in the literature, bank profitability, typically measured by the return on assets (roa) and/or the return on equity. Panel data studies also comprise substantial part of the bank profitability literature these studies rev eal various differences among countries.

  • Determinants of bank profitability in the south eastern european region panayiotis p athanasoglou bank of greece matthaios d delis athens university of economics.
  • Bangladesh development studies vol xxxv, december 2012, no 4 bank-specific and macroeconomic determinants of profitability of bangladesh’s commercial banks.
  • Determinants of profitability of non bank financial institutions’ in a developing country: evidence from bangladesh abstract this project examines the determinants.
  • Internal determinants of bank profitability can be defined as those factors that are influence by the banks’ management decisions and policy objectives.
  • Determinants of bank profitability before and during the crisis: evidence from switzerland journal of international financial markets.

Determinants of bank profitability in ukraine abstract the ukrainian banking system exhibits low profitability compared to other transitional countries in the. International journal of business and social science vol 2 no 22 december 2011 255 determinants of the profitability of. 3 as the macroeconomic and legal environment changes, determinants of profitability banking sector might change as well the significance of this research is. Using the ordinary least squares estimation technique, this paper analyzes the profitability of the us banking sector over the period from 2000 – 2008.

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Determinants of profitability of a bank
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